TripStreak Launch, The Smarter Travel Search

USA – September 24th, 2015 – LOS ANGELES — TripStreak, a travel search engine that personalizes results for each traveler, today launched its beta flight search. Users can rank their travel priorities, and then, using its unique algorithm, TripStreak displays flights based on those priorities and attaches a TripScore to each result to help users quickly determine the best flight for them.

“We have what other travel search engines don’t: the ability to truly personalize,” said TripStreak Founder Charles Ralston. “No two travelers are the same. With TripStreak, you get the results based on what you like. You get to choose if miles are more important to you, or if you really just want the fewest connections. We’re bringing personalization to travel search. Our technology allows consumers using TripStreak to dictate their experience by setting parameters ignored by other travel sites.”

TripStreak delivers numerous benefits, including many not found in current flight searches:

Rank and save flight priorities: Before beginning a search, TripStreak users can rank what is most important to them: lowest cost, fewer connections, layover duration, miles, favorite airlines and more. Now travelers can get personalized results that show the best flights for them, without wasting time sorting through hundreds of irrelevant results.

Maximize frequent flyer miles: Thanks to a partnership with, the only company having developed technology that can compute the number of frequent flier miles for any flight, TripStreak has the ability to show award miles, status miles and segments for each itinerary. Additionally, users can store frequent flyer memberships in their account, making TripStreak the perfect flight search for those looking to maximize travel awards.

Quickly view the most relevant details: TripStreak clears the clutter and offers an easy-to-use interface to make travel planning easier. To get more detail, users can expand the results.

See each flight’s TripScore: Each flight result has an associated number, called a TripScore. The higher the number, the better of a fit it is for the traveler’s needs. The TripScore is calculated based on the priority rankings in the traveler’s profile.

Booking will be handled through Travel Team Consulting, which has been providing guidance for over a decade to big brands such as LVMH and AIG.

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About TripStreak

Headquartered in Los Angeles, TripStreak is the smarter travel search engine that learns your preferences and helps find the best trip for you at a fraction of the time. It was founded by Charles Ralston, a licensed commercial pilot and one of Phocuswright’s 35 Under 35 in Travel.


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