Travel Agency Enrichment Program

TRAVEL TEAM CONSULTING is pleased to offer it’s newest product for the small to mid-sized travel agency. Our newest team member, travel expert Howard Weiss, is now available to show you how to grow your agency’s profits in ways you never thought possible. Swim with the big guys and earn what they earn.

The benefits to your agency will become apparent within weeks of Howard’s on site visit to your office. Howard will show you how to earn airline commissions despite the zero commission environment that travel agencies have been forced to accept over the past decade. In addition to airline commissions, Howard will also show you the numerous extra fees and commissions that you can earn for services that you are probably doing for free. There are also suppliers who will pay big commissions for ancillary travel services.

In his past assignments Howard has shown agencies how to earn as much as fifteen percent on international as well as domestic ticketing. His expertise has also shown agencies how to eliminate those six month waits for hotel commissions. Howard will also advise your agents how to sell the idea of more service fees to your clients without meeting resistance.

The first step, once you have decided to let us help you make your agency more profitable, is having Howard on site meeting your staff and evaluating how you currently operate. He will then make suggestions and show you how to put his systems in play. This usually takes 1-2 days on site. Howard will then be available to you by phone and e mail for a period of time until you see the results.

Contact us today and let us make your profits hit the roof this year!

Travel Agency Enhancement Program

  • How would you like to earn from 5-15% on every international airline ticket that you write in your own office?
  • How would you like to either discount or make 1-15% on every domestic ticket that you sell?
  • How would you like to be paid as much as $100/hour for your time when creating vacations for your clients instead of working for free and waiting for hotel commissions?
  • Do you know that in addition to hotels, car rentals, cruise and packages there are other services you can sell to easily earn $100’s more per sale?
  • Do you know that some hotel chains pay commissions within 14 days or you earn double commission? Learn which chains pay fast and which take 60-90 days and how to sell your client on the ones that pay fast.

Learn the secrets of making more money on every sale from someone with over 40 years experience in the travel and airline industry.

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