Sales and Service Correction

Is your sales force welcoming, expert, detail-oriented and most importantly, able to close the sale? If not, you’re losing business to companies who know what clients want and give it to them.

Our consultants can help you transform your staff into a team of polished travel influencers ready to make authentic connections with your clients for measurable bottom line results.

All the technology in the world can’t help your business if your sales or customer service staff doesn’t understand who your clients are and what they need.

The Basics

Does your staff understand the sales cycle of your business? Not everyone is born with the “sales gene” yet most bright people can be taught the fundamental rule of always providing a benefit to the customer. We’ll look closely at your unique product and customer base and make sure your staff gets it.

The Relationships

In this world of phone trees and automated surveys people need warm, authentic human contact and respect more than ever. Emotional intelligence and relationship-building skills are essential to developing a successful sales force. Let us show your staff how to connect with customers in ways that will create precious repeat business for your company (and turn them into more honest, caring people.)

The Details

Is your staff dropping the ball when it comes to the details? Travel is all about logistics, budgeting, geography, amenities and so much more. If your staff can’t offer near perfection in this area, your clients will look for a company who can. Let us examine your booking systems and make sure your staff has all the tools they need to provide exacting detail management for your clients.

The Intangibles

People travel for a lot of reasons: adventure, to realize a lifelong dream, to open their minds, to celebrate, to relax. Travel products have ephemeral qualities and your staff needs to be able to communicate these clearly–and sometimes poetically. We can inspire your staff to love what they’re selling and show them how to communicate that enthusiasm to your customers.

The Closings

At the end of the day, closing the sale is the most important thing, yet influencing people to buy travel is a subtle art that can be taught if all the other elements: the basics, the relationships, the details and the intangibles, are in place. Let us show you how to turn your friendly, bright staff into professional salespeople who love their jobs, respect their clients, and, most importantly, regularly increase sales for your bottom line.