No matter what sort of problem your business is facing, you can bank on us to come up with an apposite solution with our “out-of-the-box” thinking and unique approaches.


Branding and Strategic Marketing

We’ve recently revived a number of traditional travel brands and positioned new companies to become leaders in their category.

Executive Travel Recruitment

Our team consists of senior level people who have enjoyed years of success in the travel industry. Our personal relationships with key executives enable us to deliver the most appropriate candidates for your company.

We’re also able to lend a hand with:

  • Retention Strategies 
  • Organizational Optimization

Executive Interviews

Do you have candidates for an executive level position that you need an outsider’s expert opinion on? Having hired hundreds of executives, TTC can run a secondary screening on your candidates, and test their skills set to ensure you are enter into a long and fruitful relationship with your new team member.

Partnerships & Alliances

We specialize in strategies geared toward driving distribution, expanding market reach and building brand affinity. Our specialties include:

  • Integrated Brand Alliances
  • Regional Retail Promotions
  • Public Relations & Media Partnerships
  • Fashion, Sports and Entertainment Affiliations

Conversion Improvement

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who elect a desired course of action: purchasing, subscribing, becoming a lead or inquiry, or visiting another merchant’s site through a partner link.
If you attract significant traffic, but aren’t realizing returns that match your expectations, TTC can increase your conversion rates using proven strategies that will dramatically improve your ROI. By increasing the “take-up” less than 1%, millions of dollars have been added to the bottom-line for several of our clients.

Call Center Design

Call centers today are much more than a bank of generic operators behind traditional telephones. Let us show you how online CHAT solutions can enable one CSS to manage five customers simultaneously. And, whether you are setting up a call center from scratch, interested in improving productivity, or looking to partner with an outsourced provider, we have the experience needed to achieve your desired results.

BPO and IT Offshoring

Can certain business processes and IT be handled in other parts of the world where the talent pool is greater, skill level higher, and wages significantly lower? How much more focused could your company be, if you “jobbed” out certain business processes with guaranteed results? Off-shoring is a key advantage for Microsoft and American Express. It may be a solution for you. Let us share our first-hand experience with your company.

Targeted Tracking Programs

Do you know where you users come from? What vehicles are driving customers to your site? Are you getting a positive ROI from your marketing initiatives? Tracking programs can deliver this information in a functional format designed to evaluate and enhance your business performance.

Business Modeling

Many businesses have developed excellent concepts, but need help in actualizing their potential. From a simple one-page overview to complex action plans; we can help you crystallize your thoughts into a meaningful business model.

Distribution Strategy

Travel distribution has become much more complex with targeted strategies and emerging channels. TTC can develop a cohesive plan that matches your product/service with the most effective distribution channels. Our associates can even supply the tactical initiative to put the strategy into motion.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Ready to acquire, be acquired or combine operations? We can source buyers/sellers and assist you through closing. Our team members have worked through acquisition strategy, due diligence and post-merger optimization for multi-billion and small family companies.

Supplier Negotiations

TTC can help you get the deals you need to stay competitive. Each of our team members have held high-level jobs at commanding companies and are on a first-name basis with vendor executives.

Investor Validation

Are you interested in investing in a travel company but aren’t sure how to evaluate the purchase? Our team is intimately acquainted with what it takes to make a travel business successful. Enlist our support to help you interpret the offer’s viability and make an informed business decision.

Corporate Travel Auditing

Do you want to ensure your company is getting the most out of its travel budget?

Travel Agency Enrichment Program

TTC is pleased to offer it’s newest service designed for the small to midsized travel agency, our Travel Agency Enrichment Program. Swim with the big guys and earn what they earn.

Travel Consultancy

Do you have an idea, or product you want to present? We can help you get your presentation ready, and help bring the right people to the table in order to get you the best results.

Industry Hookups

Do you have an idea that you need validating, to make sure it IS the next greatest thing? Do you have a revolutionary product or service and just need to get it in the right hands? In either case can help you achieve your goals. Our Travel Industry Veterans have a combined rolodex that a show-dog couldn’t jump over. Whether it’s a new travel related product, a new service, technology or a process, our team can rally behind your cause and get it front of decision makers.

With a wide range of travel research consulting services, TTC ensures that our clients enjoy the most success in the industry. As a team of travel industry consultants, we have years of experience in our field and understand the nuances of this dynamic domain. Our team is comprised of professionals with years of experience in areas of business development, franchise & licensing, marketing, finance & investment, multi-unit leadership and concept deployment. We can help you procure and utilize the finest of resources and strategies for your business for long-term success.

If you are planning to invest in a new company in the travel industry or want to take your existing enterprise to the next level, our travel research consulting experts will offer all the vitals for that accomplishment. We customize our services as per your requirements and give you timely solutions that are integral to your business and its growth. Our clients corroborate our claims of excellence and we measure our success by yours.

As travel and tourism consultant firm, TTC believes that there are no limits to success in This industry – great opportunities for business growth await you and your business and we will help make things simpler.

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