New Packing, Cleaning, Delivery Service for the Frequent Traveler

When customers are preparing to hit the road, they can pack by selecting items from their virtual closet within the app and choosing a destination and arrival date. DUFL takes care of the rest, delivering the customer’s DUFL suitcase to the hotel. When it’s time to go home, customers just schedule a pickup via the app and leave the bag at the front desk. DUFL picks it up, takes it back to the warehouse and inventories, cleans and stores the clothes so they’re ready for the user’s next trip.

The service has caught on rapidly with frequent business travelers, who used to spend hours laundering or picking up clothes from the drycleaners, packing, waiting in lines to check and retrieve bags or lugging suitcases through airport security. With DUFL’s virtual valet service, they can spend that time relaxing at home with their families and friends or meeting with clients or colleagues at their destination. DUFL has delivered suitcases to users in over 250 cities thus far, and the new Android and web apps extend availability to the millions of U.S. travelers who aren’t currently using Apple devices.

“The response to DUFL has been huge because it gives frequent business travelers a more modern, efficient way to travel and allows them to focus on business,” says AJ McGowan, co-founder and CTO of DUFL. “Customers can use DUFL to alleviate the most stressful parts of business travel – cleaning, pressing, packing and physically transporting a suitcase through the airport and to business meetings. We think it’s time to revamp the way we travel as a whole and we are happy to announce that the DUFL service is now available on any device.”

DUFL is extremely simple to use – travelers simply download the free app for Android or iPhone or go to in their desktop or mobile browser to create an account, and the company sends a large DUFL suitcase that the customer can fill with his or her business attire. DUFL then picks the bag up and returns it to the company’s secure warehouse. The DUFL team takes an inventory, professionally cleans and photographs each item and stores the clothes in the customer’s virtual closet until they’re ready to take a trip.

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