It Didn’t Take Delta Long

I knew it would happen it was just a matter of time.  Delta’s purchase of a considerable stake in Virgin Atlantic’s stock has resulted in The demise of Virgin’s unparalleled customer service. On my flight yesterday from Atlanta to Heathrow I was able to experience the downgrade first hand.

It started with the check in process  The young Delta uniformed check in agent was working the premium check in for virgin Atlantic. I presented my passport to the agent and after a few minutes she looked to her colleague Shanika and said “their record ain’t in here”.   After providing proof that I in fact had purchased two upper-class tickets the agents were able to find the records.

Aboard the The plane the Virgin flight attendants muddled through a manual review of the safety briefing, gone are the days of their cartoonish video that was somewhat entertaining. I assume the Delta execs did not approve.

The rest of the flight lived up to virgins customer service levels. However the downgrade in the front and services leads me to believe that over time The brand will continue to degredate unless something changes

Richard Branson where are you? Please do not let this monolithic creature destroy what you have built.

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