Corporate Travel Auditing

Travel Audits are services provided to companies to make sure that they are maximizing their savings on travel spending as well as a solid process for securing travel.

Travel Team Consulting will perform an unbiased third party detailed investigations and analysis of every aspect of your travel program to identify problem areas, travel policies, procurement process, what credit cards they utilize and how they are billed. We will also provide an executive summary outlining how to move forward with program optimization. Corporate travel audits are important for the reason that they save the corporate travel budgets 18% to 30% when the follow our recommendations and also perks that their agency have not suggested.

Concerned about the growing traveling expenses of your executives? Let Travel Team

Consulting (TTC) come to your rescue! We have the proper and effective processes for root cause analysis for excessive expenses and our auditors will also offer you effective solutions for curtailing it. As a corporate travel consultant, TTC understands the importance of your business trips and need for good hotels, corporate meals and media swag – but everything adds up over time. TTC can help you manage this and more with proven true allocated budgets. Choosing the right hotel, transport service, merchandise, and restaurant is crucial for the comfort and convenience your business trips – by taking up the role of your corporate travel consultant we make it possible for you to cover these at the right rates without compromising on quality. TTC also helps you compare rates offered by different agencies, so you get to choose the best solution within a stable budget.

Our corporate travel auditors help cut down unnecessary expenses, ensure a hassle free business tour for your executives and powerful access to saving reports on your travel spending on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. TTC has successfully helped its clients implement savvy and efficient travel expense systems that were customized specifically for them.

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