It’s Time to be Authentic

The People Part of Travel Sales By Joy Martinello   LIVING THE TRAVEL DREAM People dream of seeing far off places and having exciting experiences. They dream of bustling cities, exotic animals, and foods they’ve never tasted. They dream of perfect beaches and much needed relaxation. Or maybe they dream of going back to where they were born to see the house they grew up in.   Whatever travel dream your client is … [Read more...]

Report on Disabled Traveler Market – 2015

Reprint authorized by   Premise   Improvements in trauma care have increased the number of survivors among military and civilian populations. Over the past decades, progress in medicine has led to an increasing number of live births that were hitherto not possible. The first Boomers have passed their 65th birthdays. More than 65% of all the humans who have ever lived on this planet and reached the age of 65 … [Read more...]

Lessons From A Micro-brewery Tour

A few months back we had a couple of friends come to town. Wanting to show them around, we stopped by Highland Brewery for a tour and maybe a post-tour tasting. Before moving to Asheville, NC I was not a fan of micro-brews. Maybe it’s the mountain air, or granola culture, but something got to me and I truly enjoy several of the local brews now. Highland offers several variations of beers; I won’t attempt to describe their full offering here, … [Read more...]