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Offer Travel Benefits to your members through a Travel Club!

At Custom Travel Clubs, we are experts in creating travel membership programs. We offer a turn key solution that includes a beautifully designed portal for your members, a host of member benefits and 24×7 customer service to answer your member’s queries. We can customize solutions based on your specific requirements. These truly bespoke solutions help you service your members in an efficient way without the effort and time on your end.

We offer a vast range of travel fulfillment services custom tailored to your requirements. We provide support with the back end processes of the travel booking, be it ticket printing, refunds and exchanges and travel transaction processing. We also provide 24×7 customer support service as part of fulfillment services. Our support team is available round the clock over online chat, email and telephone to answer all customer queries.

Take advantage of our revolutionary technology to search and buy travel. When customers search for hotels on our platform, the metadeux technology aggregates search results and filters for duplications. This process eliminates multiple displays for the same hotel and the customers are presented with a vast number of options for hotels at the best prices, inclusive of all taxes and fees.